Author: Kathryn Ann Myers


Setting the Table: Graphite

School is oftentimes a place where certainty reigns – but it can be a place where people develop comfort with uncertainty. New experiences with the arts can play an important role in building that relationship. In this video, a group of fourth and fifth graders reflect on their first experiences exploring graphite. Opal School Online […]

By Kathryn Ann Myers | Intermediate . Teaching and Learning

Setting the Table: Big World

The “Setting the Table” series explores ways to engage the arts as languages for thinking and expression. This episode considers how dramatic play invites children to imaginatively interpret their experiences. Members can view the full-size version of this video – and the rest of the series – here.

By Kathryn Ann Myers | Teaching and Learning

Building nests together

Opal School has a long relationship with Alise Shafer Ivey and Pedagogical Institute of Los Angeles. We’ve admired and contributed to the important work that they’ve led with teachers in Los Angeles and Nest centers serving young refugees in Greece, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and, now, the US/Mexico border. Here, we offer insights […]

By Kathryn Ann Myers | Teaching and Learning

We are influencing our own play. Yes!

Periodically, Opal School’s community of staff, parents, and children come together. Recently, the community tended to its outdoor space as the sun came out of hibernation.  The children moved like a team over mounds of dirt and bark chips, fully engaged in their work. Inspired by the beauty of this moment, I stopped and pulled out […]

By Kathryn Ann Myers | Teaching and Learning

Putting Himself in the Dot

JK was engaged at the light table. He seemed unaware of what was happening around him. His full attention was on his creation.  He had carefully chosen a yellow dot from the many colors of dots and one of the small transparent figures presented on the table.  His eyes were fixed on the figure as he […]

By Kathryn Ann Myers | Teaching and Learning

Listening to children listening to trees

As we aim to create a school founded in a strong image of the child, we need to constantly consider our image of childhood and its relationship to adulthood.  What might it mean to create curriculum based around the unique gifts of childhood?  How can we embrace children’s capacity to see beyond the limits of the […]

By Kathryn Ann Myers | Primary