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Preparing Materials: Setting the Table

Preparing Materials: Setting the Table

Since September, we’ve been sharing short videos exploring the power of materials in connection, expression, and understanding – with the hope of strengthening your ability to engage that power in your setting. One of these videos is available here for streaming to everyone.

Over the next two weeks, you may find yourself with a little more time than usual to kick your feet up and binge videos that you couldn’t find the time for during the school day. If that’s you, this one is on us: enjoy, share with your loved ones, and let us know what you think.

3 responses to “Preparing Materials: Setting the Table

  1. Thank you for these wonderful videos. Is it possible to add closed captions? We are a school for the Deaf and this would make the videos accessible for all.

  2. What an inspiring set of videos. Thank you so much for creating and sharing them. I teach 4th grade so including the older children is reminding me of the many languages that they can use.

  3. Thank you for these wonderful resources. Ditto on the request for closed captioning! As a community college, we must have this piece in order to be ADA compliant. If I am given permission to share, I can request captioning from our program, and am happy to share.

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