Why do we need to maintain a strong image of ALL children?


We strive to hold a strong image of each child as capable, competent, creative, curious, and collaborative – full of contributions the world needs now.  Why?  Because our daily experience with them holds this to be true.  Because we know that it is our job to co-create a context of environments, materials, relationships and inquiry that supports the visibility of these gifts.  And as this podcast reveals, because our holding this image invites children to surpass it.

Alix Spiegel:  Research has shown that a teacher’s expectations can raise or lower a student’s IQ score, that a mother’s expectations influences the drinking behavior of her middle schooler, that military trainers’ expectations can literally make a soldier run faster or slower. So my question was– you know, how far does this go? …Does science know about where we should draw the line?

Carol Dweck: No. That line is moving. As we come to understand things that are possible and mechanisms through which a belief affects an outcome or one person affects another person, that line can move.

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