setting the table


Preparing Materials: Setting the Table

Since September, we’ve been sharing short videos exploring the power of materials in connection, expression, and understanding – with the hope of strengthening your ability to engage that power in your setting. One of these videos is available here for streaming to everyone. Over the next two weeks, you may find yourself with a little […]

By Kathryn Ann Myers | Teaching and Learning

Setting the Table: Loose Parts

How might materials support young authors and thinkers? Teacher-researchers Lauren Adams and Kathryn Ann Myers explore how processes of growing and and revising big ideas are catalyzed by working with loose parts collage. Setting the Table with Watercolor Black Line Drawing and Perspective-Taking Not Just Filling the Space Tempera Paint


Setting the Table: Tempera Paint

What does tempera paint do? So many investigations of a material start with a question just like this. This time is essential for developing the relationship they’ll depend on as they use it as a tool for thinking down the line. As children explore a new tool, they’re discovering its qualities. It’s a question that […]


Blackline Drawing and Perspective-Taking

We enter the school year filled with assumptions – about each other, about ourselves, and about the world. How might the arts help us bring those assumptions forward – and to begin reimagining those possibilities? In this short video, Nicole Simpson-Tanner talks with Kathryn Myers about how she is using observational drawing to introduce perspective-taking […]