Author: Heather Scerba

Citizen World-Making and an Ecology of Listening

What does it mean to listen– to truly listen? When I think about this word, I think about what it looks like and feels like to give attention to whatever is unfolding at any given moment. As I began to reflect on this idea of listening, I was reminded of many encounters that I’ve had […]

By Heather Scerba | Consulting

Human Knots and Tangles

The Sitka Community’s year started in a unique position: all of the students and the teacher had a history of being together. Although this group knew each other well, I wondered: How will we make space for each of us to continue to grow and evolve our stories of who we are? How could we […]

By Heather Scerba | Teaching and Learning

An Oopsidental Moment

Right now, as teachers, we are working to find ways to explore the intentions we set at the beginning of the year in a way that builds upon what this particular group of children already know and what they are interested in and curious about. This is a delicate dance that Loris Malaguzzi has referred […]

By Heather Scerba | Primary