Opal School closed in 2021. You can continue to access these resources for free at teachingpreschoolpartners.org/resource-library/.

A treasury of video resources

A treasury of video resources

As this school year comes to a close, many of you are on the verge of having more flexible schedules – allowing some new viewing time. Here are a few videos posted in recent months to provoke new thinking and growth:

Inventing Playful Inquiry: Building A Chain Filled by Love

The kindergartners and first-graders were exploring self in relationship to others. To deepen their exploration of these big ideas, Lauren offered cardboard and brass fasteners. This experience built connections between materials, ideas, and people.

Inventing Playful Inquiry: Invention as Social Justice

A group of fifth graders were moved to address the impact of racism and White Supremacy. In this video, one of the students reflects on their response to this problem: their invention of “Difference Dolls.”

Inventing Playful Inquiry: Building creativity and community in outdoor play
This video captures Playful Inquiry in the PE experience of Opal School fourth- and fifth-graders.

Inventing Playful Inquiry: Supporting children to see each other as resources
How do we help children turn to each other – especially when it’s hard?

Inventing Playful Inquiry: Building Agency and Empathy
We all know what it feels like to be stuck and lonely. This video is about supporting children to find their own pathway out through accessing empathy and agency.

Inventing Playful Inquiry: Giving and Receiving Feedback
In this video, the Willow classroom of fourth and fifth graders explores the process of feedback and the role it plays in the invention process as they engage in observational drawing.