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    On Friday the children got a sneak peak at their new journals!  We explained to them that we had been noticing how much interest there had been during quiet time to write or draw.  Building on the children's enthusiasm we thought they were ready for their very own journal to write or draw in during quiet time or other times of day.

When the children arrived at school on Monday, their journals were waiting for them with an invitation to draw or write, using black line pens and colored pencils.

Many children chose working in their journals during the morning.  Some captured a drawing, while others had a go at letters, words or messages.  Before heading outside we gathered to share a few children's journal pages, as inspiration for everyone.





Journals are not just a place to practice writing or drawing.  Journals are another tool that young children can use to communicate their ideas and understandings of the world.  A journal can be a place where children uncover their understandings of letters, that letters make up words, that words convey messages, that drawings convey messages, and the power of capturing your thoughts, ideas, understanding, feelings, and more. 

It is exciting for them to each have something that is just for them in the classroom.  They know that journals are important, as they see their teachers with journals, recording what the children in the class say and do.  Perhaps for some, they also know other people (mom, dad, an older sibling) that also have a journal.  It sends them the messages – "You are capable." and "You have ideas to share."

We are so looking forward to learning from the children about the power of journals and what they can help us to know.