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 Wishes for our Preschool Community


    Today the treasure box held something special for Opal Preschool.  The children eagerly anticipated what might be inside, SM suggested, "Maybe it's a note from our friends or from our families or from Caroline or Kimie!"  OC asked, "What are some magic words to open it?"  OCu suggested, "How about abracabadra alakazam open it!"  When the children called out these magic words together, the box popped open to reveal a wish for them made by one of our parents!  It read:  "I wish that you may explore and learn from every adventure at school."  The children cheered when they heard this wish.  They think it is already coming true, and look forward to more adventures to learn from.
The wish now hangs on our wishing branch in the classroom as it joins other wishes we have begun to find in our treasure box.  The wishes were created at the first parent meeting as a way to connect our community with the most important people in our lives–our families. (It is not too late if you haven't made a wish yet for the children–just let us know)  We look forward to the continued suprise of finding each wish, lovingly crafted and sharing it with the children. 

The children have also have had the ongoing opportunity to practice the magic of giving wishes as they offer them at birthday celebrations and most recently as they crafted wishes for their family to present at our winter celebration. 

These were two books that we read which supported the children before making their wishes, they were inspired by the texts and made connections which in turn inspired new wishes for their peers.

They have also recently illustrated a wish to welcome SR's new baby brother into the world.  Inspired by the words in these books, they considered first what they know about the person they are making the wish for, perhaps what is important to that person, and what they value as individuals and want to share with others through their wish.  This has resulted in beautiful wishes that offer insight into the unique perspectives of the children.

Maile Wish Theo 

I wish you can get hugs from your brother.


I wish you can find a secret hideout.

  Seba Wish Theo

I wish  you can read books that you like.

George Theo Wish

I wish you can find treasures in Nature.    


I wish you can climb a tree and look out from it.    


I wish you can run fast and jump into your mama's arms. Pavi Wish Theo
I wish you can play with me whatever you want, even dancing!