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What does it look like to come back to school after a two week break and reconnect with peers? A room full of energy and ideas and wanting to make connections with one another — about anything and everything! This little snippet of conversation that took place on Tuesday while BV was explaining his drawing illustrates it well.

BV: I made a very healthy plant. It tastes like jelly but it’s really healthy. It has everything healthy in the world. It’s called a health-a-nite. The leaves are the healthy part that you eat.

ZB: What flavor is the green one? Peppermint?

BV: No, that one’s spinach.

ZB: Oh, what flavor is that? Water?

BV: No, that one’s blueberry muffin.

ZB: Mmmmm                                    

LH: I really want bubblegum!

ZB: What flavor is that?

BV: That one’s strawberry!

ZB: Yum!

LH: Is there a bubblegum one?

BV: Not yet. I’ll make that one right here!

LH: Ok! Thanks! I love bubblegum!

Bridger project work

Everyone eager to talk, share, reconnect! Looking forward to everything to come.