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This week’s contents

Welcome to Opal School Online! This week's collection focuses on many aspects of supporting the social and emotional intelligences of children within a learing community. The collection is not meant to be read in any particular order. While related in theme, the articles and videos are intentionally disconnected from one another — both so that they may be used in any order, but also so that participants have the opportunity to bring their own experience and ideas to the fore. Connections will be made as participants take the time to reflect on their own experiences. Hierarchies and patterns will be invented and designed by the user. Fresh ideas will emerge, and we hope you'll join us in the comments sections and the community site to share them as they do. Enjoy!

Article: Creating a Learning Community

Article: A Toolbox of Strategies for Conflict Resolution

Article: Becoming an Emotion Coach

Article: Supporting the Individual and the Group

Video and refection protocol: Ruby's Clear Message

Video and reflection protocol: Ruby's Do-over

Video and journal exercise:  Lou and Zehren: What is Caring?

Video article: You are Not Your Idea

Article: Cracking open a big word


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  1. I was very inspired by the idea of using “Our Colors” as a school year opener ot help us get to know each other and ourselves better. This coming year as in past years I will receive a group of students who mostly know each other. Who have worked and played together soemtimes for years. But what do they truly know about each other? What will eb revealed as they create and share their colors? What about our new friends coming in? Will this jump start their connections to the community?

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