Portland Children’s Museum


A new vision and mission for Portland Children’s Museum

As you may be aware, Opal School is part of a larger institution: Portland Children’s Museum.  Portland Children’s Museum is an unusual project: A small school serving 125 children, that forms the basis for the professional development of more than one thousand teachers and administrators annually, that is part of an organization that connects with […]


All under one roof

To readers of Opal School Online, it might be easy to forget that Opal School was a project of the Portland Children’s Museum. To Portland Children’s Museum visitors, it was not always visible that Opal School lived within it. It was an unusual organization, doing so much under one roof – exhibits, programs, an elementary […]


Creating TEDx (remembering how to jump)

When the organizers of the TEDx West Vancouver conference called to ask if someone from Opal School would like to share at their event, I shot up my hand. I knew it would be a powerful exercise in synthesis – forcing me to develop clarity around what I care most about in the work we [...]