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Sometimes We Feel…

Sometimes We Feel…

Emotions and feelings exist inside all of us as a type of energy that has potential to be expressed, utilized, and shared outside of us and into our worlds.

Our learning community puts in great effort to share and make visible our different emotions.  When we label and discuss them, we normalize their existence and welcome everyone to find their place inside of the them.

The children in the Maple Room have been exploring and noticing the different feelings and sensations that are possible.

Exploring emotions through loose parts

After exploring and playing with emotions through literature, dialogue, and materials, the children worked together to create a class book, Sometimes We Feel.  Within this class book, written and illustrated by the community, they shared stories about experiencing these emotions. Through these stories, the children practice perspective taking by recognizing that people can feel differently within a given situation.


As emotional beings, when we become aware of our feelings we become aware of ourselves.   And when we are are aware of ourselves, we can then open up more to the community that surrounds us.


Where do emotions and feelings live in your learning community?

In what ways does your community play with these ideas individually and as a learning community?