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In a Beautiful Place

In a Beautiful Place

In a beautiful place such as “Colorland” teachers have noticed, for many years now, that children’s imaginations take an especially lofty flight.

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At Opal School, such observations always lead us to wonder how we can support and sustain this kind of energy, engagement and joy in the service of the other kinds of learning we value in school.
Often times, we bring artifacts from these beautiful places into the classroom for children to take a closer look. Children are invited to draw, paint, sculpt, and talk about these artifacts. This process of slowing down and considering carefully the complex elements of a beautiful place like “Colorland” deepens the children’s relationship with it, and supports their sense of wonder.



This week, in Opal 1, we decided to find out what might happen if we tried to re-create a play environment that attempted to bring the beautiful outside indoors — to create a play environment where they could snap their imaginations together even more. What might happen?
We are excited to find out!
November 30, 2012