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“It’s a Soup For Everyone!”

“It’s a Soup For Everyone!”

As the weather turns colder, our bellies and hearts remind us that we’ve got to work together to stay warm and loved inside and out!  Small groups of children have been scurrying around our beloved play spaces, preparing recipes of mud soups for our community. They’ve been collecting and gathering bits and pieces of natural materials to stir into their stews, offering warm and spicy taste-tests to passers-by, inviting others to add colorful, natural and magical ingredients keeping us all connected to one another, tending to one another much like the soup they are tending.

“This is a soup for everybody because it’s a special soup. That’s what
friends do. When you do it it makes a lot of kids happy. It’s important to have warm soup – it makes you healthy and when you take a bite your mouth gets warm.” – Gigi

“I put rice and lemonades and plants and spices and cheese. . .Naaa, no cheese in this stone soup.” – Colin

“I put some spice and pine needles for apples and we stirred it, and stirred it and stirred it.” – Pavi

“We made some plum soup and then we made apluma soup and then we made a-raz-mataz soup. . . It’s a Soup for Everyone, that’s for all the kids so we can eat the hot soup each day on the playground.” – Gigi

“I’ll get the ingredients, you stir the soup.” – Kate “We can both get ingredients.” – Malia

“We’re making soup for us.” – Kaleo

“So, we put a lot of nature from the ground in the tire where our soup was going.” L.D.


A Razmataz Soup for Everyone

60 scoops of Honey

60, 18 Nuts

3 Apple Juices

Pine Needles


60 Donuts, yes 60


“Mix it with some stirring sticks.” – Gigi










“Then it gets good. You have to stir it for 9 hours then we’ll put it into bowls and let it cool so it’s not too hot. Then you eat it!” -Lois

“We had a taste test.” -Gigi

“Who wants some soup? Spicy or not so spicy! Blow on it, it’s a little bit hot.” -Pavi

“We want to share. We’re friends with them and when you have lots of friends you share with them.” -Lois

“I want to taste some, too. It tastes so gooey [blowing on the soup].” -Pavi

“It tastes good. . . like french fries [closed mouth grin on her face].” -Lois

“I like it spicy. . . Mmmmmm, it’s yummy [rubbing his belly]!” -Colin

Teacher-Researcher Wonderings:

  • How can we maintain the availability of loose parts throughout the winter to help inspire stories in the outdoors?
  • What other ways are the children showing their growing understanding of our class as a community?
  • How will we further explore food and the ceremony of eating as a language? How can we welcome the families of our children into this work?
  • What other materials will our community choose to collaborate and create shared works?
December 04, 2012