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Visitation Days 2020: New Models for Friendship

Visitation Days 2020: New Models for Friendship

Last week, nearly 100 educators from around the world gathered at Opal School to uncover principles of Playful Inquiry and imagine greater opportunities for learning in their unique settings.

You can get a hint of the experience in these participant voices:

Amazing, insightful, inspiring, game changer. It has shown/taught/offered me a new way of being in my classroom: with courage, vulnerability, empathy, and awareness. Thank you for offering a new and much needed way of guiding students minds and hearts in unbelievable ways.  [I am] energized beyond belief!

I do not think there is a way for me to put into words the value this visit has provided. The value is priceless.  I have been rejuvenated and reminded of why becoming a teacher will be the most courageous choice I make while also realizing the extreme honor it is to work with children.

I can not wait one more second to get back to my classroom and implement new ideas and practices. We are going to have so much fun with the new possibilities.

There were challenges presented to me (through stories and observations) that I was not expecting to experience coming here. My teacher heart was opened in new ways.

This time, I have been more able to truly see how you have so beautifully created environments where learning is democracy. I see more clearly how I might help our students to truly become active citizens who are hopeful and know they can make a positive difference in the world. 

I gained such a deeper understanding.  I used to think playful inquiry wasn’t deep thinking kind of work.  I know now that it is.  It is also the commitment of a truly dedicated educator.

I am super energized. This is exactly what I needed (I didn’t know it though until now.) My work has become overwhelming and at times frustrating but this has given me the shot I needed!

The experience included time spent exploring classroom environments, observing school in session, considering presentations, using arts materials to deepen thinking, and reflecting and conversing with fellow participants and Opal School staff.

The following is a brief peek into one of last week’s presentations. The full presentation is available for viewing by Members here.

If you attended the February Visitation Days, we thank you for spending your time with us and hope to see you at this year’s Summer Symposium and future years’ Visitation Days. If you missed last week’s retreat, you still have time to sign up for one of the upcoming sessions in March, April, and May.