When I am doing real art, me, myself is not in the room.  A piece of me is and what piece that is differs dependent on where I am, who I am with, and my art materials. When I am doing true art, the materials take charge and decide what I draw or paint etc.  It’s like I have two switches in my brain – one that the “on” means I’m in charge, and the “no” means I’m not in charge, and the other switch that is I’m in charge and other the materials are in charge. To me art is collage, sculpting, drawing, weaving, painting, building, designing, sewing and many more. I think of writing as drawing or painting in words and I think of drawing or painting as writing or telling a story in pictures. To be honest I think that everything is art in its own way. Eating is, so is running, walking, training animals, but everything is different not just because they are different things but also because everyone has their own craft, their own technique, and also everyone has their own personality and when you do anything at all you put your personality into it. You can put it into writing and in writing it can be how you write a story, how you pick the words, the words you pick and many more.

MB, Age 10

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