Creativity (on the edge of chaos)

This morning, Opal School students, families, teachers and friends gathered in the theater for the weekly gathering.  Opal 3 shared poems they’ve written, each revealing aspects of friendship.  After reading several entries, members of the class stood at the door with baskets filled with their poems – gifts for each member of the community to leave with.

I reached my hand into the basket and drew one:

Bear Lake, Utah by Amelia

Swimming in the lake

Bat rushing past my face

Squeezing my mom’s hand while we listen

To the thunder and watch the lightning

Feeling worries as I sleep outside

But in the morning it is sunny and warm.

Tonight, a different group will gather in the theater: Nearly 100 educators from six states and two Canadian provinces will spend the coming days at Opal School, studying our culture of playing, making, and sharing – and considering the implications to their learning environments.  I read this week that “the truly creative changes and the big shifts occur right at the edge of chaos,” and that felt as real as the thunder and lightning and bats in Amelia’s poem.  As we prepare for their visit, we simultaneously experience the thunder and lightning and the sun and warmth, living in playful inquiry.

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