Ruby’s Do – over

In this video, Ruby and her friends are a year older than in the "Clear Message" video.

Download Opal Preschool Do-over – Broadband.m4v (155181.4K) 

In this situation:

What are the steps Caroline takes to move the children through the conflict to resolution?

What does she make explicit for them?

What quesitons does she ask and what do you notice about those questions?

What assumptions do you believe Caroline is making about the children and their capacity to work this out?

In what ways is she in charge of the situation? Who is in control?

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  1. As Ruby’s mom and an Opal School teacher, it is so much fun to watch this! There were times when I wanted to strangle Ruby during this phase of her development. She could be so stubborn, and yelled so much when she got frustrated! Caroline’s patience, persistence, and the practice Ruby got paid off. Ruby has gotten so good at “snapping ideas together”. She uses this strategy often and without prompting now (two years later). In fact just last week during PE she suggested a way that we could play a game that would be fun for everyone by “snapping ideas together”.

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