— — Practice: Engage with Big Questions


Inventors explore big questions that normalize uncertainty.

I wonder if we could have a world full of people who know what to do when things go wrong. How could this ever happen?

Angelina, Age 7

Children will learn to engage with big questions that normalize uncertainty when adults…

  • ask big questions that don’t have fixed or known answers
  • celebrate big questions from children, teachers, or other thinkers by making them visible in the classroom
  • encourage provisional thinking, tinkering, and iteration
  • show that they value question-asking by giving children many opportunities to practice posing questions, and by validating questions as much as answers

Teachers will engage with big questions that normalize uncertainty when they…

  • collaboratively generate big questions that tickle their imagination and invite dialogue with other adults as well as children
  • plan with clear intentions that make room for surprise
  • seek and pay attention to questions that don’t have clear answers
  • use documentation tools and protocols that encourage a practice of teacher-research