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Organization as Fundamental

There is an underlying order and beauty in the design and organization of all space in a school and the equipment and materials within it. Every corner and space has an identity and a purpose, is rich in potential to engage and to communicate, and is valued and cared for by children and adults. – Louise Cadwell, Bringing Reggio Emilia Home

In the following slideshow, you'll see a variety of ways that Opal School teachers have approached the organization of environments and materials. (We recommend giving the slideshow time to load before attempting to view — it will bounce back to the beginning if it isn't fully loaded…)

Download Organization Slideshow-Medium.m4v (59765.2K) 

As you read this post think back to the slideshow. Where do you see connections?

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3 responses to “Organization as Fundamental

  1. I really enjoyed the slide show.. the materials were placed with such intension. The materials not only demonstrated respect, but also helps children to see themselves as thinkers.

  2. I liked the use of literature in the displays. These give children a place to start their investigation. The questions posted were intriguing and would lead the participant into deeper thinking and different ways to experience the materials. I loved the natural materials and different textures in the room. All these would invite children in to the tables and areas to investigate and create.

  3. Wow! I enjoyed the new ways to use a light table. The small cozy areas were inviting. I also was struck by the color groupings and how teachers placed them in a variety of containers.

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