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Math Explore

Math Explore


Today we began a new structure following Story Workshop called Math Explore.  Math Explore will be a time for the children to explore a variety of materials, games, and puzzles around mathematical concepts in both small and large group settings.   Math Explore is built upon the natural learning strategies the children are already using for ordering, organizing, patterning, measuring, counting, recording and more.  We invite the children to share their thinking with the group, as they make new discoveries and uncover questions.  This way of sharing makes room for the children to naturally scaffold each other's thinking as a community of mathematicians.

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What did you notice about the pattern blocks and unifix cubes today?

AR: I made two patterns!  Halloween and Christmas.  This one is shorter.

AG: I made red blue, red, blue, red, blue pattern–that's how tall I'm going to be on my next birthday!

EH: This is how big I'm going to be on my birthday!  Mine is December 18th!

EB: (Building with pattern blocks) It can get wobbly!

OA: It can make a pathway

ZB: I discovered I can make something really high, higher than googleplex!

AR: Taehee, let's compare to see if they're the same height!  Oh! If we just had one more they would be the same!

KF: I was noticing the shapes and I figured out by looking at them what shape I needed (to fit them together without a gap).

December 04, 2010