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Love Grows


"Love Grows,

One by one,

Two by two,

and Four by four

Love Grows

Round like a circle

and comes back knocking

at your front door!"

Secret Valentines

After drawing names from a basket, the children were asked to create an illustration and a message for another friend in the classroom as a secret Valentine gift.  While crafting these gifts, here are just a few examples of they were asked to consider:

What message does working slowly give to the person receiving your gift? 

What message does it send if you are rushing? 

What message do you want to send?  How do you want them to feel?

Is everyone in our community important?  How will you let the person know this?

What does your secret Valentine like to do?  What is a wish you think they would like to hear?

on these questions, the children decided they wanted everyone to feel
cared for and important.  They wanted to give a message that made their
friends feel good. 

As the teacher facilitating this exchange, I ask myself:

What messages am I communicating to children about their capacity to think, care, consider other perspectives? 


am I communicating about my belief in their capacity to work
thoughtfully, carefully by asking them to consider what it means to
reflect on the quality of their work?


expectation am I putting forth about their responsibility to one
another for nurturing and supporting one other and reflecting on each
other's right to a sense of belonging?  What else might I be



meaning are the children making of this experience as it relates to
being a part of a learning community–consciously or on a more
subconscious level?



experince culminated in a beautiful ceremony on Thursday as the
children took turns giving, receiving and celebrating the exchange of
these gifts. 


And how did we choose to celebrate their hard work?? With
strawberries and whipped cream!  Happy Valentine's Day to you all!



February 18, 2013