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Field trip to the Oregon Historical Society

Field trip to the Oregon Historical Society

Last Friday, Opal 3 visited the Oregon Historical Society in downtown Portland, to tour the permanent exhibit "Oregon, My Oregon". In three separate groups, we walked through the entire exhibit, stopping to hear the particular stories of the Native Americans of Oregon, the explorers and traders that came to Oregon from Europe, and the settlers who came on the Oregon Trail. Each docent shared stories of these three different groups of people, sharing several artifacts for the children to handle and look at.

The children were extremely inspired by their visit. RS came to me, his face lit up, saying, "This stuff is amazing! Just how they had everything!" PG said, "This is such a treat. It's like it's all real. People actually saved things." Several kept asking: "Is this real?" They were clearly captivated by what life was like in the past, and what objects made life what it was.

Unfortunately, photographs are not allowed in the museum. However, you'll find below images and words of the children as they reflected on the experience once we returned to school.


How long did it take to do this, 'cause I know they to do it over and over again? - AI

(Coastal Native tribes carved out whole cedar tree trunks to make boats)



Traveling the Oregon Trail (AB)



Varied artifacts (IM)



Native American villages (RD)



Salmon fishing (BK)


I **highly** encourage you to visit the OHS with your family. There is more to the "Oregon, My Oregon" exhibit than we were able to tour, as well as additional traveling exhibits throughout the building. And the best part? Admission to OHS is free for all Multnomah County residents!!! Please take advantage of this opportunity, and let your child be your tour guide.

January 27, 2012