Children are not cherished but detained at national borders, treated not as radiant beacons of our shared future but as criminals. To any conscionable human, witnessing such inhumanity is at once utterly infuriating and utterly helpless-making — a devastating syncopation of feelings.

Maria Popova, Borderless Lullabies

The Nest stands resolutely against the inhumanity Popova describes, providing children facing incredible trauma with an encounter with the kind of aesthetic experience that resonates for all humans which we believe all children have a right to.

Earlier this year, Kathryn Ann shared her experience volunteering at The Nest in Samos, Greece. Moved by this retelling and our concern for the experience of immigrant and refugee children and families, we hosted a conversation about the project with Executive Director Alise Shafer Ivey on September 18, 2019.

The Nest depends on volunteers. We hope that viewing this video will inspire you to consider contributing to this effort.

Learn more at the Pedagogical Institute of Los Angeles website and Facebook Page.

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