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Establishing a Learning Community

Establishing a Learning Community


Each September, as we enter a new school year, we come together and wonder how we can transform a classroom of children into a learning community.  How will we all come together and create a space where we all feel wanted, respected, heard and seen?  How will we create a place where we want to be?  A space where we want to play and learn?  A space where we want to be ourselves?

These are inspiring questions that guide us to start down the path towards a strong community, but like everything…we have to start somewhere.

An Opal School tradition is to begin with a community project that will be the forum for our first experiences, our first conversations, and our first collaborations.  This project then will live in the classroom for the remaining of the year as an example of the way we were when we began our journey.  Please read the following account below for the story of how Early Kindergarten began their year.

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October 23, 2012