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An Investigation

Watch this video, for the first time or for a re-visit:


What natural learning strategies does this toddler exhibit and put to use?

What emotions do you observe?

What is the role of curiosity and joy and what is the relationship between them?

We hope you increase all our knowledge through sharing your thoughts and questions in the comments field below and in the discussion forum.

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4 responses to “An Investigation

  1. I find this interaction a great example of how simple is the setting where playful learning can take place. This toddler is engaging in trial and error interaction that causes her excitement and provokes her curiosity to take further steps into discovering more and more. For teachers, parents and educators in general this is a fantastic example for the cycle of inquiry too. There is a provocation and according to what we see during the child interaction with the material we have offered her, we can plan future explorations in order to facilitate the learning experiences of this child or we can continue offering open ended explorations that will lead to more focused and planned intentional learning.

  2. This is such a great example of the learning that can take place when children are give natural, open ended materials, and time to explore. I appreciated seeing that the adults were observing from a distance, but gently provided her with an additional tool to work with, and some basic language to support her inquiry.

  3. My favorite part of this exploration, aside from the pure joy of the little scientist, was when she pushed away the new element to continue putting the marble down the tube. She was organizing her experimentation–she wasn’t done exploring the first elements. After reaffirming her findings, she invited the new element back in, prioritizing her work. She was in charge of her own learning.

    In my own Montessori classroom, I love watching the children interact with the environment and materials. I watch carefully to see when they have finished exploring the practical life works and will change them out, offering new materials for exploration. The classroom will be hushed or hum with intense concentration as the children explore and experiment.

  4. I notice this child exploring with open curiosity and expressing great joy and wonder at her “findings” will the experience b more complete if we nail them down by describing them? Taking notes? She observes, makes trials and perseveres enjoying the outcomes without any seeming idea of right or wrong or expectation of any certain outcome.
    I am sometimes surprised by what children don’t do with open ended materials…. She didn’t use the tube for hitting even though it’s stick like. She didn’t use the marble for throwing, even though it’s round like a ball…

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