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Our Trip to the Farmer’s Market

Our Trip to the Farmer’s Market

In preschool we try to offer as many experiences as possible for our whole group to come together to share and listen to each other’s ideas.  After a trip to the farmer’s market we had one of our first reflection meetings in order to have this exchange of thoughts, memories and connections with one another’s experiences at the famer’s market.

We invite you to a peek at our trip to the farmer’s market through some photos and a portion of our transcribed reflection meeting from the morning after our trip… We were curious about what stuck, what had meaning, what brought our group joy and what the children noticed and remembered.

Teacher- Where did we go yesterday?

D- Train!

L- We rode on a train!

Teacher- How did the trip start?

T- First we went on the train.

Teacher- Who remembers something about the train?

N-That we sit in the seats.

Teacher- I didn’t sit in a seat, did everyone sit in a seat?

K- We held on to poles, too.

A- …and we sit on chairs.

L- I sat on a chair, too.

Teacher- What else happened on the train?

A- It when really fast and then it keeped going slow.

Teacher- What else did somebody notice? What did you see or hear?

J- I was kinda sitting on the seat but I was also holding a pole with August.

K- We got off the MAX and then we took a little snack.

Teacher- Do you remember that part?

Everyone- Yeah!

K- The bell ringed and the market was ready.

T- And then the market was open.

A- The train stopped and we got off and we got out into the farmers market.

E- We got food there!

R- We got carrots!

Teacher- Give a silent signal if you remember something that you got at the farmer’s market?

L- Me and J decided… we were looking at the strawberries and blueberries and we didn’t know which one to pick and then finally we smelled both of them and we were deciding which one was the good-est and we finally picked the strawberries.

D [To the teacher]- What are you writing?

Teacher- I’m writing the words of what children are saying.

I- I got honey sticks.

L- I got honey sticks, too!

T- I got a honey stick, too and Dand who was with me? D got one, too. I’s mom gave me them.

D- Flowers!

K- Flowers! I brought one of mine home.

L- Cabbage?

child- Apples

child- Blueberries

child- Strawberries

child- A big pumkin

N- We got corns!




November 16, 2013