“Who wants to tell a story?!”


“Who wants to tell a story?!”

By far, the most common question asked at the lunch tables in the Early K.

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Stories hold a lot of weight here. These students have caught the excitement, they love stories and they feel the power in sharing a story. Why does it feel so good to hear a story? What happens to us as we listen?

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 Once upon a time there was a girl and her sister was mean to her. And she was an explorer. She was looking for a crystal. And she found it. She needed to take some apples from the tree.

 The End

 “That was a short story!”

“You should say the mean girl was greedy because she was mean.”

“Which one was mean?”

“I like the crystal part – I love crystals.”

“Maybe she ate the apples on her way to find the crystal.”

“Maybe she should give the apples to her sister and she would die.”

 When a story is shared in the Early K, the students actively listen to one another because they want to. The are so engaged, they can barely keep themselves (and sometimes can’t) from calling out questions or ideas to the author. Four and five year olds – riveted, excited, full of joy over their own and each other’s creations. It is delightful.

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