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We Want to Give It to the Whole Wide World

We Want to Give It to the Whole Wide World

One of the values we place a lot of emphasis on in the Early K, is the children’s previous relationships to the natural world. We begin the year with the intention of pursuing this big idea, however it is the children who enter our classroom that year determine the path we take.  Their ideas, voices, stories, families, interests and passions all come together to pave our way through learning, wondering and researching about the natural world.  This year it brought us outside, underground and together.  It brought us to Winter's Night Hibernation Party.

Winter's Night Hibernation Party is a collaborative story written by the Early Kindergarteners.  The children worked on it with dedication and love and it has become so much more than words on a page, it is alive!  The story means so much to the children that they want the whole, wide world to have it.  They have said, "If one family hears the story and tells it to another family and then that family tells it to another family it will spread around the world!"

And now it can!

The children's words and watercolors are now available in a softcover photo book from Blurb!2405689-a8c14408c97c6480a0bb779d00e4b276

Due to time restraints, we probably won't get a hard copy until the last day of school, but you can follow the following link and look at and order the whole book online.