Sharing Your Stories

Topic Progress:

Writing and sharing these learning stories from my experiences in Story Workshop supports me to reflect more deeply on what I’m experiencing in the classroom. This form of reflection encourages a deeper understanding of what I’m observing, supports my projections, and allows me to see and pay attention to things I otherwise may have missed. As I said as I was sharing about Aleeza’s writing process, “Authors learn more about what they actually want to say by sharing. It’s one of the most powerful strategies for revision.” This has been my experience as I’ve shared with you.

As we complete this course, I’d like to encourage you to join me in that process as a fellow teacher-researcher-author! Write and share a learning story from your own experiences observing the children you work with during Story Workshop as a way to support yourself to move forward in your practice.

What are you seeing the children you’re working with do?

What does that make you wonder?

Based on your observations and questions, what are your next steps?

Talk these questions through with a colleague or group of colleagues!

Course Discussion