Invitation: Setting Your Intentions and Taking Action

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Invitation: Setting Intentions and Taking Action

Now that you’ve explored some of the documents and resources that guide and influence my intentions for Story Workshop, I’d like to invite you to spend a chunk of time seeking out your own resources that will guide and influence you as you set your own intentions for Story Workshop. What are the things that you are basing your intentions on?

Questions to consider:

  • What documents and resources are guiding my intentions? (Consider your school’s values, expectations for students, required assessments, government expectations, etc.) Spend time seeking out, reading, taking notes, jotting down questions, and making connections between these documents and what you’ve read so far and your own belief statements.
  • What are the connections between my beliefs and what I’m finding in these documents? Where are the disconnects?
  • What do I want the children to learn? What am I expected to support them to learn? What kinds of shared language and understanding do I hope we will create together?

Use these questions as a jumping off point as you set your own intentions for Story Workshop. What will guide you as you begin? What will you choose to document and pay attention to?

Turning Intentions into Action

After you take time to articulate your intentions, ask yourself, What are you doing to prepare yourself and your environment to pursue those intentions?

More questions to consider:

  • How might I prepare the classroom environment to be interesting and inviting?
  • How can I inspire each child to be engaged with and delighted by his own thinking and the thinking of others?
  • What might inspire them to discover new stories?
  • In what ways have I prepared them to work together with a strong sense of community?
  • What materials and supplies can be accessible to the children?
  • How will I organize the materials to be easily taken out and put away by the children?
  • When I look around my setting, what unexpected materials might I collect to use in new ways?
  • What materials do I already have that I might be able to see with new eyes? What is something new I could try?
  • What materials do I imagine would draw out more stories?
  • What other possibilities might I offer?
  • What do I hope for and expect during Story Workshop? How does the environment help to communicate that?
  • What does this environment communicate to children about what they are capable of?
  • What systems of organization will I use?
  • Who are these children? How will they enter this space?
  • How can connections and a sense of belonging both be found and created?
  • What do I know about these children? How can I find out more?
  • What materials might reflect the interests of the children? What materials might help them extend?

In your notebook, write a peek into your own preparation for Story Workshop by sharing some writing or images reflecting:

  • the kinds of learning conditions you are trying to create,
  • how you plan to document and organize what you notice,
  • the set-up of your environment/ organization of materials,
  • a peek into how Story Workshop fits into your weekly schedule
  • your “first-week” plans

Whichever you choose, make sure to note how those decisions are connected to your intentions.

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