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This week’s contents

Welcome to Module Four! Here, we focus on documentation and what it means to take a stance as a teacher-researcher. These articles, videos, and reflection tools are intended to give you a window into the thinking behind the practical decision-making processes of a teacher-researcher. They are also intended to support you with tools to engage in the practice yourself. You'll need a camera, an audio-recorder, and a journal. Beyond that, you'll need time and practice honing your skills of observation and reflection. For those of you who would like further resources to support documentation, we have published a collection of panels and a study guide that is available here. We look forward to hearing stories of your practice!

Article and Reflection: The Power of Reflection

Article and Documentation Sample: Science, Research, and Synthesis

ArticleChildren as Researchers of Their Own Learning 

Video Slide Show and Protocol: Brain Buddies

Article: The Role of Intention

Article: Planning for Inspiration

Article: Researching Relationships