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Chapter Five: The Arts as Languages

Welcome to the concluding unit of Opal School Online! In this module, we focus on the arts as expressive languages. 

At Opal School, the use of art materials is at the heart of our pedagogy. Working with materials offers opportunities for a child to make connections, be inspired, reflect, imagine and play. Working with materials gives children a choice of “languages” to convey their ideas. It also creates an opportunity for the members of the community to “hear” ideas by seeing the visual representations created, as well as by “listening” to the creative process that the children enter into.

Sometimes when I go to make something, I really don’t know what to say [about it] –

I just make it.  - Nani, age 6

We hope you have found challenge and inspiration throughout your participation in Opal School Online! We appreciate your willingness to participate.

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