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Taking Risks

Taking Risks

I always think of the beginning of the year as a time for imagining, wishing and dreaming about the things we might be able to accomplish together. Possibilities are endless and we get the chance to dream big. It’s also a time for learning about all kinds of new things: new routines, new agreements, new schedules, and new friends. I too, am constantly learning and being reminded of the hard work we all do as we dive into this important work together, and for many in Opal 1, for the very first time.  

As a teacher, I am reminded of the importance of perspective taking, a very challenging habit of mind that we will support all children to develop. As the first week of school ends, I consider the perspective of the children in Opal 1 and I am struck with new empathy and understanding as I rediscover how brave kindergarteners must be. As they enter this new space with new faces and new routines it must feel so scary to navigate it all. But they do. They take the risks. They play with new friends, they trust a new teacher, they allow themselves to be open to new possibilities even when they are unknown. I feel so grateful to be a part of the amazing work that has happened this week.

And we’ve all learned that all those risks taken and all that time spent being brave really pays off! Here are some images of these remarkable children being SO brave this week:
















We are so glad we took these risks!