Opal School Online Membership

Opal School Online Membership

$75.00 / year

Opal School Online is a membership based community focused on sharing and reflecting on the research of Opal School and inviting collaboration among educators around the world who are working to support social constructivist practice with inquiry based approaches through the arts and sciences.



Opal School Online membership includes access to all content written by Opal School teacher researchers and guest authors. Membership also includes discounts on e-courses and workshops, and special “members only” podcasts, webinars, and live chat sessions. The Opal Online community will be a place for lively discussion and collaboration in an effort to strengthen our collective creativity, compassion and commitment on behalf of the rights of children around the world.

Membership includes opportunity to connect through interest groups and also to create discussion forums. Opal School teachers are available as collaborators alongside colleagues from around the world.

This site was launched in September, 2016 and is expected to be in some form of under construction and evolving quickly. We encourage you to join us as we’ll be eager for feedback and input of many kinds as we work to continue developing this site over the coming year.

Subscriptions to Opal School Online renew automatically each year but can be cancelled at any time. If you are interested in purchasing bulk subscriptions for a school please use this form:

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