Poems for a snowy day

What happens when we all arrive at school in the midst of a flurry?

We explore it.

Snow 1

We taste it.


We build with it, feeling it on our hands and in our boots.



And when we come in, we remember it all over again:

The Day it Snowed at Opal School
A collaborative poem

The day it snowed at Opal School
We made snow buildings in the lower meadow.
We sped down the snowy hill on sleds
and rolled muddy snowmen
Nomi and Amelia served delicious snow bars.
We made snowballs so big we couldn’t move them.
Some of us sledded on our tummies – it felt like a furry carpet.
We all worked together to make a snow fort.
All the snow forts had an awesome snowball fight.
On the saucers we curled into balls
We worried about bumping the tree – it was scary!
A snow kitty was built and then … Timber!
We played “Catch the Snowberry in your Mouth.
Sometimes it landed on our noses.
Sledding, hit the grass BOOM BANG!
“I’m OK!”
Ocean and Stella nibbled snow off trees.
It was like cold frosty water.
It tasted minty.

Here are some individual poems the children wrote and illustrated:

Snow 6 Snow Fun
A day of snow
Fun snow
Children playing everywhere.
Eating snow
From the trees
Slipping, sliding, having fun,
It’s a snow day!
So have some fun
Before it is too late
And time to go.
        By Ocean



I’ve gone to a place before which has now transformed, for now, the meadow that I know is now a winter wonderland. I dive for a sled and with a weeeeeeee! I’m gone. I grab some snow and begin to roll. The snowball grows bigger, bigger, bigger and BIGGER! I make some more and then look up. The snowflakes so way up there and I see that the snow is just like white geese falling down to far below ground where kids laugh smiling and playing, sledding. I say to myself, “Come down with me,” and I know that when I grow up I will say, “Come little one, play with the snow. Catch it and let it last.” Then I think what if I was one of them. What if I were a white snowflake falling down?

By Kaia



I wish I had a snow day

Oh I wish wish wish!


Snow, don't melt!   




  IMG_1928 Snow, snow, cold and beautiful
Freeze to soft cold white
Frozen, freezing
White like the grey sky
The snowflakes flow slowly down
To the ground to make a
Blanket of snow. The sleds slide
Down big hills. Flip, flap…whew!
Bing, Ding…whoopee and a whoopee.
Down the snow, whoops, I fall off. Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Twirly, windy, wobbly, Whoa, whoa, whoa!
I’m making snow prints
In the snow, snow, snow
Snow, snow, everywhere
It’s cold, very cold, freezing to death
                By Muriel

Ryan poem
Up: fun and not fun at the same time.

Down: Fun, only fun you say! (Ryan)



Freezer Day
(Am I in the freezer or not?)

Huge Flakes.
Too cold.
More leaves!
More leaves as blankets.
Too cold.
Way too cold.
It’s like a day in the freezer.
Can’t sleep.
I will become ice.
Am I in the freezer?
          Can’t tell.

        By Nomi

Drawing above by Adaline



Freezing ground underneath my feet
Shivering sky above my head
Freezing snow all around
I’m in a land of
        By Kaia

Snow 2

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