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A peek at the week (plus some…)

A peek at the week (plus some…)

We are fascinated with what makes us the same and different in Opal 2.  In fact, we are deep into investigating many of the essentials that make us, well… us?  We know there are these intangibles, different from eye color or hair color, that we can not always see but we know are really important to who we are.  So we have been  wondering about these things, like our brains, our hearts our emotions, and our memories to name a few.  Indeed, we have been so busy remembering, imagining, wondering, sharing and researching that we've barely had time to notice that slowly but surely we are also… blooming.  Each Friday however, we gather together to slow down and focus just on each other.  This "appreciation" time is always a wonderful way to end our week and always reminds us how grateful we are to be here together.  As I listened  to appreciations today, it was somehow special.  I think, that I actually heard blooming.  I leave you with just a few of the appreciations from today and some photos that give you a small window into our world. I wonder if you too will hear the same.

I appreciate M.Co. for playing with me when I didn't know what do do for outdoor break. – E.L.

I appreciate Opal 2 for cleaning up together so well. - N.T.

I appreciate D.W. for giving me an idea.-  E.D.

I appreciate M.Ca. for sitting with me at readers workshop. – M.Co.

I appreciate L.W. for helping me clean in the studio.  – M.B.

I appreciate everyone who is playing the chase game outside for including me.  – N.L.

I appreciate Opal 2 for all being friends. - A.B.M.

Meeting author Lory Britain.

Remembering a loose tooth.

Remembering a hockey game.

What happens when you dream?

How do we grow our ideas?

Imagining the "soul."

How are our brains the same and different?

What happens inside our hearts?

What is in the house where dreams come from?

February 25, 2012