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Nurturing and Understanding of Relationships – part 2

Nurturing and Understanding of Relationships – part 2

After a short while where children had a chance to get to know the flower of their choosing, we came back together as a group to share what had happened.  IMG_1515Caroline: What did you discover?  What did you notice?


SS: I found a teensy yellow smile on my flower.

LB: I discovered the yellow only flower.

SE: I found a bunch of brown smiles.

LG: I noticed cat bites on my flower.

KK: I played Hide and Seek with my flower.  We were about to play Duck, Duck, Goose. IMG_1518

LB:  Me and my flower played I Spy.

EB:  I was dancing with my flower.

SP:  I discovered a little bit of white.

AG: I discovered it had little circles on the stem.

LG: I holded the stem and it had pokey thorns.

SS: I kissed my flower.  It shook a little.  It made me kiss it.

OA:  Their hands are teeny tiny.  I only used one finger to shake hands.

SM:  I hugged it.

EB:  I gave him a band-aid.

IH:  What kind of band-aid?  Special band-aid for flowers?

EB:  My flower's a boy.  One of its' petals accidentally came off.

AG: Did you ask your flower a question to see if he was O.K.?

EB: Sort of.  I asked him if he was O.K.  He said he was really fine.

IMG_1517After this, we invited the children to go back to their flowers.  They could now try to continue to make friends with their flower by trying IH's idea of drawing it or using some other material.  Children were also invited to make something for their flower friend.  In part 3 we will share what happened next.