Sharing Our Stories

How wonderful that we have met with a paradox. Now we have some hope of making progress.  -Niels Bohr

In the field of education, we often encounter paradoxes:

Play or learning.

Materials or writing.

Control or trust.

The narrative in our field says we must make choices between these things. If we let children play, when will they learn? If we give them materials, why would they write? If we trust in the children, won’t we lose control? To me, these seem like false choices. It can’t be either or. We’re working with human beings, and this work is never as simple as either or. As humans, we grow and change when we work to live in the in-between. It’s that space in-between where we find the intersections that create the conditions for learning.

In previous modules, I’ve shared about the principles that guide my beliefs and intentions in Story Workshop because I’m working to ground each decision I make within these principles. I’ve shared about the structure of Story Workshop and how I’m attempting to build a cultural community that will thrive within that structure. In this, our final Module, I want to share with you what Story Workshop looks like now that I’m actually living it with the children I’m working with this year. I want to share some of the tensions I’m observing and experiencing as I work with children and attempting to find and live in that space in-between. I want to share with you what I’m observing and how those observations influence how I’m planning, what projections I’m making, and what I’m working to pay attention to. I hope to make my own decision-making process visible to you by sharing stories from the classroom.

This Module is organized into the following sections:

The Skill of Writing Words and the Crafting of Ideas

-Giving and Receiving Feedback for Revision

Materials and Writing

-Taking Risks and Building Confidence

-Invitation: Sharing Your Stories

As you explore this final Module, don’t forget to grab your notebook and give yourself time to capture your reflections. What connections do you see between the stories I’m sharing and the stories you are living in your own setting? What questions come up for you? Our reflections become richer when we have a community to share them with, find a colleague or two to explore this module with. Living in questions pushes us further!

Course Discussion