Practice: Use Materials to Share, Adapt, Research, Iterate, and Refine their Ideas


Inventors work with materials to prototype, share, research, iterate, and refine ideas.

Humans just want to understand life on Earth! We want to understand why. Zooming in helps us understand why.

Sam, age 5

Children use materials to develop and share ideas when adults…

  • provide a range of materials with different sensory features and qualities
  • allow children time to understand the qualities of different materials
  • invite children to iterate their ideas using multiple media and dimensions
  • expect children to share, collaborate, and offer feedback to each other

Teachers prototype, share, research, iterate, and refine their ideas when they…

  • engage with the arts in open inquiry as professionals
  • make a practice of asking themselves, “Where are the arts?” as they develop lessons
  • regularly collaborate with colleagues to plan and reflect on their practice
  • adopt a stance as a teacher-researcher who is a professional creator of curriculum