Practice: Reflect on Thinking and Actions in order to make Connections


Inventors reflect on their thinking and actions in order to make connections they might otherwise miss.

I want to know, what are all of the perspectives?

Pascale, age 9

Children reflect on their thinking and actions when adults…

  • ask children questions like, “What made you say that?” “Where did that idea come from?” “How did it feel when…?” “What did you notice when…?”
  • invite children to reflect on their work and what they learned using different materials and through writing
  • encourage children to see their work and viewpoints from multiple perspectives
  • celebrate novel connections

Teachers reflect on their thinking, and actions when they…

  • regularly dialogue with colleagues about their experiences and observations about how children learn
  • collaborate with colleagues using discussion protocols for thinking and feedback
  • have prepared their minds for, and are open to, chance encounters, serendipity, useful surprise, and wondrous happenstance
  • use journals, cameras, and audio recorders to capture and revisit learning