Opal School closed in 2021. You can continue to access these resources for free. To learn more visit teachingpreschoolpartners.org.

Glimpses into the first week

Glimpses into the first week

When people come to visit Opal School, we often hear the question, “What does all of this look like in the beginning of the year? How do you start?” And really, that can feel tricky to respond to, because it never looks just the same as it did before. New children, new families, new teachers, new ideas, new resources, new connections, and new possibilities guarantee that this living, open system that we call school will always change and grow and evolve. None of us (adults or children) enter a school year the same as we left the previous one.

But one thing that remains constant is that we’re always trying to put our values and guiding principles into action; to make those words that are on a page come to life in the classroom. We are just finishing up our first full week of school so I’ll share a glimpse into what getting started has looked like so far this year.

Exploring new materials, asking questions, and imagining possibilities

Making new connections with materials and each other

Finding, creating, and sharing stories

Slowing down, looking closely, and zooming in

Using materials to explore and share what lives inside our hearts

Looking at something familiar in new ways

Reader, what has getting started looked like for you this year? What are you doing to bring your values to life?