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Friday Update — Camp Collins!

Friday Update — Camp Collins!

Opal 4 families welcomed their children back from Camp Collins today, so I wanted to provide a “Friday Update” – talking points for families to help debrief the campers.


  • The Rubber Chicken
  • The Blue Monkey
  • The Grapevine
  • The Leap of Faith
  • The Campfire
  • Archery





Ask me about

  • The skit I was in
  • Whale Watch
  • Who I thanked in our gratitude circle with Andy and Brad on Thursday
  • Classmates I got to know better
  • Fort Building
  • Eating in the Dining Hall




A special thank you to the families – parents who came to chaperone, parents who helped pack snacks, families who organized overnight gear and arranged to pick up their children today.  Our community thrives because of you, our supportive families.

Stay posted for more Camp Collins blog entries!

September 24, 2011