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Embracing the Weather

Embracing the Weather

I admire the way that the children in Opal 1 don’t complain about the weather. Especially after the week of crazy weather we’ve had. From snow, to slush, to buckets of rain, they embrace what the natural world has brought to us this week.

At P.E. today, they had a chance to wonder what would happen when the water met the gutters, funnels, and buckets that Amy had brought out to play with.





And there were cheers all around as we prepared to go out into the rain for our weekly hike. When we got to the Upper Meadow, we were again enthralled and captivated by what we happened upon. The leaves we had enjoyed so much last week had been replaced by a lake. Well, maybe not an actual lake, but a puddle that seemed as big as a lake to us. We just had to explore the change that had taken place.





I wonder what surprises next week's weather will bring?