Visitation Days 2017: Investigating the conditions that support playful inquiry

Visitation Days 2017: Investigating the conditions that support playful inquiry

These modules invite you to dive into Opal School’s 2017 Visitation Days’ investigation of Playful Inquiry. You’ll view the presentations, walk through the classrooms, and examine stories from the classrooms and behind-the-scenes conversations with Opal teachers. Whether you attended the workshop in Portland or are engaging in this conversation for the first time online, welcome!

This course – like the February 2017 Visitation Days – explores the conditions that support Playful Inquiry.  It is about joining together with others to expand our understanding of what becomes possible when we apply this stance to teaching and learning.  What do we mean by Playful Inquiry?

Playful Inquiry is an approach to learning alive in a community that courageously and collaboratively relies on the unique gifts of childhood to question what it means to be a citizen world maker in the midst of uncertainty.

We hope the resources presented here will extend how you think about your work with children and your colleagues – whether you are just starting to explore these ideas or have been on the journey for years. Resources gathered here include:

  • Presentations offered during the February 28-March 2 workshop – in both video and written formats
  • Videos and interviews with Opal School teachers
  • Photographs from the classrooms
  • Details on the materials workshop explored
  • A platform to discuss what you see

You can experience this course on your own or with a group of peers. One of the benefits of the online format is that you can engage whenever it works for you.