Developing Your Story Workshop

Developing Your Story Workshop

What is the relationship between literacy and the arts?

Over the last fifteen years, this question has guided the development of Story Workshop at Opal School. The intention of this course is to support teachers eager to work with others to embolden their practice and deepen their understanding of Story Workshop.  Whether you are new to Story Workshop or have been exploring it for a while, this course will support you to reconnect with values, intentions, and research and be a site to ask questions, play with ideas, and share your work. I’m looking forward to exploring and sharing with you as we dive into this new school year together.


This twelve-week course is organized into four modules:

The first module, will provide an overview of the approach.  Here, we’ll discuss the pillars, principles, and intentions.  We’ll dig into the foundations of Writer’s Workshop that lead to this unique manifestation of that work.  Considering the big ideas while still basking in the summer sun gets our thinking started.

The second, will focus on preparing your Story Workshop.  As you’re moving back into your classroom for the new year, we’ll think together about getting ready: the physical and organizational structures that will support the year’s growth.

Then we’ll start the third module.  Here, we’ll think together about developing a culture of Story Workshop.  Who are the children you’re working with and how will they construct a literacy-rich learning community?

The final module is sharing our stories.  What are you experiencing and what are you bumping up against?  How are you projecting moving forward?


Each resource-rich module will include an overview of the topic, images and stories from Opal School practice, resources from beyond Opal School, and special attention to the role of the teacher.  Weekly, you’ll be encouraged to try out something new.

Course Discussion